This is Thula [Þhula means hymn in Icelandic], my own original character.

Grímaeras is a spieces made up by me.

Thula grew up in a small tribe. Her mother was the medicine woman in the tiny community, and Thula had almost just started her apprentinceship to become one herself, when her mother died.

Succumbed by grief, Thula headed to the wild, never to return to her old tribe.

She lives as a loner, but occasionally functions as a messenger and healer in the nearby communities.


Food - Berries, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, fish, honey.

Flora - lotus, lilac, willow, lavendar, poppies, yarrow.

Fauna - Deer, frogs and salamanders, small rodents, birds, fish, beetles, moths/butterflies, millipedes.

Other - tending others’ wounds, planting seeds/growing and collecting herbs, brewing tea, chattering to the animals in her forest.


Poisonous snakes, feral boars, strangers on her turf, civilization

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